28 novembre 2010

[Blythe] Prairie Posy - Décembre 2010

Neo Blythe "Pureripoji"

(new translation soon)

Neo Blythe "Pureripoji" published illustration!

Skip! Skip! ♪ Ranranran a flower garden
Find a fairy, ★ playing together in our running
My name is Pureripoji.
I'm happy with the nature. Everyone come and play! I'll wait.

Pureripoji, the love nature, your friends are playing and always on the prairie.
Freckles are scattered on the face of fair complexion, ♪ Her charm point
Ino Takeshi wave also boasts loose redhead.
Fashion, ♪, country-style
I put a matching hood with collar dress with cute white floret pattern.
Dress, patterned fabric with pink and salmon Kobana design, not by a little fairy-tale simplicity.
Ino Hiroshi soft bonnet with brim, please do not tie the ribbon under the chin.
Feet, gray socks, and wearing brown boots.
Hair is a permanent part of the Center took long hair, hair color is a reddish brown (redhead) is.
Freckles may face.
Beige eye shadow, blush and lip is pink salmon.
Pupil has a special yellow-brown color used on the right.
Face type is Radiance, skin type is fair skin.

※ The design drawing illustrations.
The final specifications may vary.
Release Date: December 2010 will be released price: 14,490 yen (tax included)

Mon avis : Je la trouve relativement mignonne, j'adore les rousses, mais j'en possède déja plusieurs.

je trouve qu'elle ressemble à la Friendly Freckles , dans l'idéal j'en voudrais une avec les cheveux plus courts.

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